Broadband Networks


Flowcoder provides upstream/downstream DOCSIS MAC and Layer 3 pseudowire support. It supports PSP or DMPT mode for transport of data on DOCSIS SC-QAM or OFDM channels.

Example: Simulating CCAP Core

Flowcoder can be used to simulate CCAP Core.

Example: Simulating RPD/Modems

Flowcoder can be used to simulate Remote PHY Device (RPD) with multiple Cable Modems.


CWMP is the CPE WAN Management Protocol. It is often called TR-069 by the name of the standard body. CPMW is a SOAP/HTTP based application protocol for secure auto-configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment). CPMW Management Functions:

  • Bootstrap
  • Service Provisioning
  • Firmware and Software Module Management
  • Diagnostics
  • Fault and Performance Monitoring

Example: Simulating ACS

Flowcoder can be used to simulate an Auto Configuration Server..

Example: Simulating Managed Internet Gateway

Flowcoder can be used to simulate a managed CPE.