A Desktop Word Packet Processor

A Desktop Word Packet Processor
A Productivity Multiplier for Network Engineers

WireEdit EE allows WYSIWYG editing of Pcap data in situ for any network stack at any stack layer while preserving the binary integrity of the data. Data editing is done in a break-proof manner with the lengths, checksums, offsets, and other inter and intra-packet dependencies recalculated on-the-fly for all affected packets and protocol layers.

Starting from $399/Month
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the difference between WireEdit EE and WireEdit?

WireEdit is a demo application available for a free download and use. WireEdit has limited capabilities and isn't intended for a production environment.

WireEdit Enterprise Edition is a commercial product and a superset of WireEdit. Some of the major additional WireEdit EE features/capabilities are: additional protocols, premium packages for DOCSIS Networks, Mobile Core Networks, Industrial Control, etc., 100x faster offline execution, Python scripting support, enterprise-level tech support, etc.

Can I evaluate WireEdit EE?

Yes. Please contact us.

Does WireEdit use Wireshark™ dissectors code?


Does WireEdit support 3GPP Mobile Core Protocols?

Full support for all 4G/LTE 3GPP Mobile Core protocols and interfaces including SS7, RANAP, DIAMETER, and VoLTE.

What is the difference between WireEdit and other packet editing tools?

One could think of WireEdit as a Microsoft Word™ for captured network data. All other packet editing tools are very limited in their ability to edit binary encoded stack layers above TCP/UDP without breaking packets integrity. WireEdit EE is a full-stack packet editor by design.

Do you support editing of ASN.1 based protocol layers?

Yes, absolutely! Watch this short video: Editing GSM Mobile Application Part.