Storage Networks


iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) is a protocol for encapsulation and reliable delivery of SCSI commands over TCP/IP networks. Support includes:

  • SCSI protocol
  • iSCSI Address and Naming Conventions
  • iSCSI Session Management
  • iSCSI Error Handling
  • iSCSI Security

Example: Simulating iSCSI Initiator

Flowcoder can be used to simulate a iSCSI Initiator. It can initiate iSCSI session(s) to real iSCSI target(s) and read/write data in remote file systems.

Example: Simulating iSCSI Target

Flowcoder can be used to simulate a iSCSI Target. It can terminate incoming iSCSI transactions, and simulate a response of SCSI devices. or pass SCSI CDBs to local storage devices. Alternatively it can send SCSI CDBs to real storage devices, and pass back the responses.