LTE Network Security

Mobile Networks


Flowcoder supports all EPS (Evolved Packet System) Signaling Protocols and Interfaces. This includes S1 interface from eNodeB to the core, and all the DIAMETER and SIP interfaces in ePC. VoLTE calls with variety of codecs are supported. Internetworking with 2G/3G networks is supported.


Diameter protocol plays a key role in LTE networks. Flowcoder allows to verify DIAMETER security and simulate any UMTS and LTE network node supporting a DIAMETER interface, including Diameter Routing Agents, Relay Agents, etc. Supported protocols and interfaces: CC, NASREQ, Cx/Dx, Dh/Sh, S5/S8, S6, S9, S13, Rx, Ro, Rf, Zn, Zpn, Zh, Gq, Gx, Gxx, Gy, Gz, Sd, Rx, Wx, Pr, Re, Sy, Wa.

Every LTE network interface can be simulated packet-by-packet with both standard and non-standard behavior supported.

Example: Simulating eNodeB

Flowcoder can simulate eNodeB both S1-MME and S1-U interfaces. Both Internet connections and VoLTE calls are supported.

Example: Simulating S6a

Flowcoder supports DIAMETER S6a interface. It could simulate both HSS and MME sides.

Example: Simulating S6d

Flowcoder supports DIAMETER S6d interface. It could simulate both SGSN and HSS sides.

Example: Simulating Cx/Dx

Flowcoder supports DIAMETER Cx/Dx interface. It could simulate both CSCF and HSS sides.